Greenwood is better than Rooney and Owen were at his age. See proof

Mason Greenwood has been one of the revelations of this Premier League campaign. The 17 year old has managed to reach double figures (13 goals) while playing less often than most of his teammates, and new stats suggest the teenager may be better than some of England’s greats were at his age.

We recently compared Greenwood’s goals per minute ratio to that of the likes of Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney, and discovered he edges them all.

During the 1997/98 season with Liverpool, Owen’s goal per minute ratio was 0.54, while Rooney averaged 0.52. Greenwood, on the other hand, has outdone them both with a goal per game ratio of 0.70.

The figures show that Greenwood is on the right track, and with age on his side, he can still go on to accomplish even more than Owen and Rooney did in their prime.