Manchester United legend, Peter Schmeichel, reveals his biggest Man United regret

Photo: Getty images

Former Manchester United goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, has opened up on what he considers his biggest Manchester United regret.

The Dane signed for Manchester United in 1991 and was part of the treble winning 1998/99 side. Peter, however, left the club in 1999, at the age of 36.

Schmeichel would go on to sign for Sporting Lisbon, where he played for two years, before making a surprise return to England via Aston Villa and then, Manchester City.

But Schmeichel doesn’t think it was the right decision to leave when he did. In a recent chat with TalkSPORT, he said he believes he could have played on for longer.

“As you become further and further away from football your thinking process becomes better. I could have possibly played on for many more years [at Old Trafford] had I cut back a little bit on the pride and spoken to the manager about it – but I didn’t.

“I was too proud of my position at the club. When you get to your mid-50s you look back and have a better understanding of things. That was a young man’s head making that decision, I admit I probably should have held out. It’s not a regret as such, but it is a regret at the same time if you get what I mean.

“I loved the football club so much, why would I want to leave? But I was so worn out at the time so it would have taken something very extraordinary for me to change my mind. It’s over 20 years ago now and during that period of time you go through a lot of phases.”

Schmeichel is rated as one of the greatest goalkeepers to ever grace the Premier League. He made 292 appearances for Manchester United in his 8 year stay.