Ashley Young praised by fans for doing this

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Ashley Young has been appreciated by fans for offering advice on how to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

The former Manchester United player recently took to his Twitter account to share a few tips with his fans on how to handle coronavirus, using Italy, which happens to be the worst-hit country of the world by the pandemic, as reference.

Young mostly focused on panic buying in supermarkets, which has been very common, as most people appear to be buying out everything available in stores, even though they have little need for them, thereby leaving the ones that actually need these things stranded.

Speaking on the matter, Young urged people to be careful and cautious, he said:

“Hi everyone, just wanted to share my thoughts given I’m currently living in Italy, the epicentre of the virus.

“Realistically a supermarket is now your main risk at spreading this virus and even catching it. Speaking with family and friends at home it sounds like going to get food is just crazy. Remember, lockdown means lockdown!

“In Italy going to the supermarket is surprisingly calm… no fights over food, no stripped shelves and most certainly no abusing staff members for limiting food or any reason at all! And in almost every case it’s usually just one person shopping for a household!

“Please read the following and share this if you haven’t already, it really is time to do your bit to help tackle this awful global crisis we are in!

“Queuing to go into supermarket is standard, but not because it’s for stockpiling or greed. Supermarkets have limited the number of people entering at any time so it’s never over-crowded! So wait and be patient to go in if your supermarket is doing this.

“If you have to get in the lift only get in with 1 more person, 2 people per lift at one time. And stand on opposite sides of the lift and face the wall – don’t breathe outwards towards that stranger.

“Always use gloves from moment you get out of your car! You don’t want to touch trolleys that other hands have been on. Keep the gloves on until you are getting back in the car.

“Use a face mask or scarf to keep your nose and mouth covered.

“Always keep your distance at the till. Keep the trolley behind you when you unpack at the till as it stops people from being able to get too close.

“Don’t unpack your shopping right on top of somebody else’s, make a gap between theirs and yours so none of your shopping touches theirs. Here we can’t put our groceries on the belt until the person in front has finished paying.

“This may sound harsh but treat everybody that’s not in your household as if they have the virus, you just don’t know!!!

“Most importantly, just stay safe! This is what we are doing here, it’s not an overreaction, it’s staying safe. And just remember others should be looking at you in this way as well. It’s not horrible, it’s a way of keeping your distance to ultimately help save lives.”

Young’s Twitter advice seems to have sunk in well, as even hours after, he has continued to receive commendation for his words. In fact, some Twitter users believe his approach on educating people on the matter, may actually be better than the government’s.

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