Solskjaer hails the mentality of this Manchester United player

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has praised midfielder Bruno Fernandes for his mentality on the pitch when playing.

“He’s a boy who really loves to play football, he is really interested in football and knows about it too – it means everything to him,” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told Norwegian broadcasters TV2.

“And that’s part of the character and personality you want in the team.

“He’s definitely got, what [do you call it]…? Cojones [‘balls’ from Spanish] to play at Old Trafford, that’s for sure. Because you can see he wants a penalty, how he takes them. And he always wants the ball. He’s got a Man United personality.”

The Norwegian also discussed Bruno’s penalty technique with BBC: “He has come in from day one and, first minute, felt like a presence in the group. First training session, demanding the ball. Some players take some time in warming up, but he felt confident straight away.”

“He’s been known for his set-plays,” Solskjaer added. “And he’s scored quite a few penalties and practised a few the last few days, I wasn’t doubting what kind of penalty he was going to do.”