Former United defender has urged the club to sell Paul Pogba

Photo: Getty Images

Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker has urged the club to sell midfielder Paul Pogba in order to put an end to the controversies surrounding his future.

Pogba has been linked with a move away from the club since last season, with Juventus and Real Madrid named among his likely destinations.

Parker believes that the situation concerning Pogba and his agent Mino Raiola has brought a lot of negativities to the club.

Parker told Daily Star: “The whole thing has to stop, it’s as simple as that. They just need it to move on. It’s not about when he comes back, don’t even wait for that. Just move him on now and take his agent with him.

“His agent has said a lot of stuff, Pogba hasn’t said anything. There are enough opportunities for him to come out and set the record straight. If he came out and said he wants to leave, a lot more respect would be had. Don’t let a non-football man do it for you. The fans are not fussed about him anymore, they’ve got no interest anymore.”

Parker added: “Even if he does come back, they are fed up of ifs and buts. If the real Paul Pogba was there, with Bruno Fernandes and Fred around as well, that would be a good combination. But it isn’t going to be.

“Manchester United have to move him on. They need positivity and that’s with players that want to be there,

Pogba has only played 8 games for the club this season, and has largely spent time on the sideline being plagued with injuries.