Premier League player urged to shun Manchester United and join Liverpool instead

Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images

Former Aston Villa player Gabriel Agbonlahor has advised his former teammate Jack Grealish to snub a move to United and join Liverpool instead.

Grealish is a transfer target for United and the club is expected to make a move for him in the summer window.

“I am not just saying this as I have played with him, but I honestly think he is the best attacking midfield option that England have got at this current time,” Agbonlahor told Bet O’Clock.

“That is why, when people say Grealish to Manchester United, he could do so much better than that, and he could walk into any team in the world, even Barcelona or Juventus.

“For where Manchester United are now, he could go to better teams around the world, so he doesn’t need to limit himself to just United and focus on teams who are playing in the Champions League.

“He is the missing piece that a lot of teams need right now. I watch Liverpool, and they are an outstanding team, but they are missing a player like him, Chelsea can’t break anyone down and are missing someone like Jack.

“There are a lot of teams that he would walk into, so it is down to Villa to have the resolve to reject bids and for them to grow as a club because they aren’t a team that should be fighting with relegation.

“They will stay up this season and will start to climb the table next year. The club will have to work out how much they actually value him at and how much it is worth to move him on. Unless a crazy high bid comes in for him, I would just turn the phones off and reject every bid that comes in for Jack.”