Manchester United vs Watford: Mark Lawrenson shares his prediction

Photo: Getty images

Pundit  Mark Lawrenson has shared his prediction for Sunday’s Premier League between Manchester United and Watford at Old Trafford.

“Watford’s revival has hit the buffers a little bit, but Manchester United still worry me in a game like this,” he told BBC.

“Against the top teams, it seems like they like the challenge and that is what gets them going. But, especially at home, and against teams they should be beating, they seem to struggle more. I still think they will beat Watford, but they cannot afford to think they can just turn up and win.

“If United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to get that point across to his players, then he should just make them watch a re-run of their defeat against the Hornets in December, to remind them how dismal they were.”

The club currently sit in seventh place with 38 points. Nigel Pearson’s side are 19th with 24 points.

Lawrenson’s prediction: United 2-0 Watford.