Assistant coach Brian McKenna sends Bruno Fernandes message

Photo: Getty images

United assistant coach Brian McKenna has said that it is the job of the club’s coaching staff to help new signing Bruno Fernandes settle well into the team quickly.

The Portuguese has impressed since arriving from Sporting Lisbon but there is still room for improvement.

“He is an experienced player, he has played in a lot of different positions and roles, so he is very versatile in that way, so it is obviously the manager’s job and us as staff to find ways to make him settle into the team quickly,” McKenna said.

“As I say, it is a credit to him for coming in, putting his hand up straight away and saying he wanted to go into the team for Wolves. It was a really positive start for him.

“It is the same process as all of the players. It is trying to find the right balance, playing in positions where they can complement each other, building relationships all over the pitch, so that players understand each other’s games, where to pass and what runs different players make.”

The next test for the Portugal International is a trip to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea in a potential top-four decider.