Pundit reveals the Manchester United player that can get Solskjaer sacked

Photo: AMA/Getty Images

Pundit Steve Nicol has said Anthony Martial’s inconsistency will likely cost United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer his job at Manchester United.

Nicol now fears that Manchester United’s desperation for Martial to fulfil his potential could spell trouble for the Norwegian.

When asked if he thinks Martial has been a success, Nicol said on ESPN FC:

“I’m going to say no. This guy frustrates me.

“In the football business, there are certain players that we say will get you the sack. He’s a guy that will get you the sack. You play three games, he does absolutely nothing, you’re about to take him off again and he scores a stunning goal.

“Then it’s like ‘Oh, well, maybe this is going to start…’ And then the next three games is the same, and then you’re going to take him off and then he scores a stunning goal.

“I’m sorry, I expected a lot more from this guy. He can’t keep himself fit.”