Gary Neville defends the Glazers family amid criticism from fans

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has defended the reign of the Glazers family amid criticism from fans.

The Glazer family aren’t keen on selling Man United, not unless someone offers really big money. Gary Neville, meanwhile, is comfortable with them just because the alternative could be much worse.

Neville told The Times:

“I know the Glazer family, met them probably five times in my life, but whatever Gary Neville says they are not going to do anything. Trust me. They’re going to sell when they want to sell.

“They’re hardened business people who lived through a campaign of green and gold for two years where the fans were essentially battering them, effigies everywhere and they didn’t budge one inch.

“If Gary Neville comes out tomorrow and says ‘the Glazer ownership is bad for Manchester United’ they’ll just shrug their shoulders and say ‘there’s another one’.”

“What is the alternative? It [the club] is either going to go to a Russian family, Chinese family, Asian family, a Saudi Arabian family. If it gets sold for £3bn, it is going to be basically people who have £15-20bn. What are they going to be like? Human rights issues of countries I’ve just mentioned. There is no ideal here.

“The idea of screaming about the Glazers every ten minutes, saying they are not good owners doesn’t get us anywhere. I’d love owners that pump every penny back into the club on to the pitch, that didn’t take out £20m a year, or whatever they take out in debt against the club. But I can’t do anything about it.”

He won’t participate in any potential protests: “[Should I] just stand there and campaign and whinge? Stand on the front of Old Trafford in front of Best, Law and Charlton with my placard up saying ‘Glazers out’. I’m not going to do that because I haven’t got the solution.”