Ex Referee Reveals Why VAR Was Right Not To Cancel Rashford’s Goal

Photo: Getty Images

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was incensed with the VAR decisions that went against his side as Manchester United played a 1-1 draw with Liverpool at Old Trafford on Sunday evening.

Just after 36 minutes into the game, Marcus Rashford scored the opening goal for United and the goal had to be checked by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) as Victor Lindelof dispossessed Divock Origi, after which United won the ball and broke away to score.

Ex referee Dermot Gallagher has revealed that it wasn’t in VAR’s jurisdiction to cancel the goal by claiming that the referee had a good view of the incident and it was his decision to make.

“It is not a VAR decision. It is Martin Atkinson’s decision,” Gallagher told Sky Sports.

“The referee is the closest person to it and he says no.

“There was a debate this morning, 50,000 people voted [on a Sky Twitter poll] and half say yes, half say no.

“So for the VAR, it’s not clear and obvious and it cannot go against the referee.”

Gallagher added that the fact the referee Martin Atkinson saw the decision took it off the hands of VAR.

“I did think it was a foul. He has the best view and he waved it away, he said no,” Gallagher added.

“Once he does that, it is out of the VAR’s hands because it’s such a subjective decision. So they can’t go with it.

“[The VAR] did check it but the feeling was that the referee had the best view and he didn’t feel it was a foul.

“He thought it was contact but not enough to give a foul.

“The referee was close and said no foul straight away.

“This is a referee’s decision on the field.”