Saha: Don’t Blame Rashford And Martial

Photo: Getty Images

It was expected that Manchester United will make a lot of progress this season, but it wasn’t to be as United are struggling at the moment and find themselves in 12th place.

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has come under intense criticism while Marcus Rashford has also faced criticisms.

However, former Manchester striker Louis Saha has chosen not to blame United forwards Rashford and Martial for not scoring enough goals, and insists that the problem of the club is the structure and not necessarily the players.

“Don’t get me wrong, those guys have talent and all that — I really like the potential, it is enormous,” Saha told The Athletic. “But they are playing in a configuration where there is no link to express themselves.

“I had big players around me. If I was not performing people could blame the squad, the tactics. ‘Cristiano [Ronaldo] hasn’t scored? We didn’t play well. Van Nistelrooy didn’t score? He didn’t have the opportunities, we didn’t cross. Because the guy: He. Will. Score.’

“Now, you look, and the excuse is, ‘Pogba hasn’t played.’ It is crazy to put a club in this position. I’m sorry but you can’t put the blame on Rashford, you can’t put the blame on Martial, you can’t put the blame on the newcomers. Who is big enough in that squad to be saying, ‘This is falling down’? Apart from Pogba. It is unfair on him, unfair on the squad.

“It is right that I hear Gary Neville complain about the chemistry that has been built. You could put any manager in right now; I’m sorry, he will struggle.

“You can say, alright he should not have allowed [Romelu] Lukaku and [Alexis] Sanchez to leave but the damage was already done because those guys didn’t want to stay. So it is better to actually clean up in some ways, let’s say, with respect.

“But the actual power of the United history, the United set-up, has been fettered by three or four transfer windows. It was like a shotgun in two feet. They put themselves in that situation, not giving the platform to fight back.”