Fred Finally Responds To Criticism From Former Manchester United Players

Fred has responded to criticism he has received this season from former Manchester United players.

United legend Gary Neville recently said he wasn’t sure what Fred brings to Manchester United’s team.

“They’ve won many titles with this club,” Fred is quoted as having said by The Sun. “We have to shut up and work on the pitch.

“Some critics are pointless — but many can offer me lessons.

“I like to read what people are saying about my performances. With that, I can try to get better.

“Every day when I arrive at the training ground, when I see those big letters with the name of the club, I pinch myself.

“So I know this club is gigantic. I like to read about its history, best players and historical moments.

“It hasn’t been great times for us — our rivals are winning titles and we’re not even in the Champions League. It makes our fans sad and I feel sad as well.

“This club deserves silverware and we’re going to fight to get better. We have to put United back in the place it should never have left.”