Solskjaer Seems Confused, Claims Former Manchester United Star

Photo: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Manchester United find themselves in a very bad situation at the moment as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side has been below par and now find themselves in the second half of the table after eight games played.

Manchester United suffered another defeat against struggling Newcastle as United were beaten 1-0 at the St James Park, and it was another awful performance by Solskjaer’s side.

Former Manchester United striker Robin van Persie has claimed Solskjaer might have reached a wrong end and has no clue how to come out. Van Persie slammed Solskjaer’s post match press conference and doesn’t think it shows confidence.

“It’s my responsibility. I need to sort their heads out,” Solskjaer said after the game.

“Young boys lacking confidence, they need some help from experienced players and staff.”

However, Van Persie doesn’t agree with Solskjaer’s post-match interview and believes the United players could begin to question him after hearing his statements.

“You can see here’s struggling there, if I’m really honest, during that interview,” Van Persie told Optus Sport.

“If you’re a player you’re a little bit like, ‘my head is fine’. ‘Even though you can see the players are low in confidence, he needs to find a way to reconnect again and to get their confidence high.

“As a manager, when you’re team is low in confidence get them up, when your team is too high in confidence, when they are becoming a little bit too much, you have to get them back to the middle again.

“At the moment, based on this interview, and based on what I’ve seen in the game, I’m not sure if he really knows how to find the buttons there.”