Rashford Explains Why He Prefers Ole Gunnar Solskjaer To Jose Mourinho


Marcus Rashford has spoken about the difference between current Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho.

According to Rashford, Solskjaer’s playing days means he has more understanding of his players.

“He’s [Solskjaer] very different but that’s expected because he’s played,” Rashford told BBC.

“Off the pitch, he understands the players a bit more.”

On Mourinho, Rashford stated: “I don’t think it was a problem for him because he’s obviously a top manager and he has his way of reading people but for me, when a manager has played they have lived the lifestyle and might be a bit more understanding.”

Under Solskjaer, Rashford has become an important player for Manchester United.