Aaron Wan-Bissaka Names Player Who Has Helped Him Settle In At The Club

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United fullback Aaron Wan-Bissaka has named Axel Tuanzebe as a nice guy and the player he is close to at the club who has helped him settle in well.

He’s quoted by The Daily Mail when asked how it was: “I wasn’t nervous for my debut – that’s not me. All eyes were definitely on all the new signings to see how we got on but I tend to block all that stuff out and focus on my game.”

He added: “I was happy with my performance, I couldn’t have been happier with how it went. The whole squad has been looking after me but I’m particularly close with Axel [Tuanzebe]. He is one that has taken me under his wing since I joined. He’s a really good guy.”

Wan-Bissaka has proven to be a revelation, and now former Manchester United player Paul Parker has hailed the 21-year-old as the best right-back in the country — even better than Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Speaking on the WeAreTheBusbyBoys podcast, the ex-defender said: “I watched him often last year, I just like what he does. People talk about Alexander-Arnold but he can’t defend like Wan-Bissaka, whose defending and positioning is very good.

“He wants to defend, he loves it. And every time he won a tackle [vs Chelsea] there was no doubt he won it cleanly. I’m judging him as a defender. He is the best right-back in the Premier League. There’s always a question about him going forward, he can learn that, he will get better and better.

“If you’re playing next to him as a centre-half, you’re saying to yourself ‘there’s my get out of jail card’ because he wants to make those tackles and wants to protect that right hand side. He doesn’t want to give anyone a yard or see anybody deliver crosses from his side of the park.”