Louis Saha Talks Up Sanchez Potential To Become Key Player For The Club

Photo: Getty Images

Former United striker Louis Saha has urged Manchester United attacker Alexis Sanchez to raise his game as he is able to bring the club back to the Champions league places.

Louis Saha told Bwin:

“Sanchez’s poor form has been a mystery, but he could single-handedly bring United back into the top four if he can find his rhythm again. Having a full preseason will hopefully instil some confidence back in him [Saha’s probably not aware Sanchez missed the pre-season], whilst Solskjaer is the ideal man to get his Midas touch back.

“Players go through rough patches and when the team is playing well, it can be covered up as you’re still winning. When Sanchez joined United he was instantly thrown into the deep end and all eyes were on him and have been ever since.

“I’m hoping he’s working hard behind the scenes to get back to his best. He has to channel all his frustration into his training and come back stronger.

“As a player, Solskjaer would always take any frustration he had and leave his all on the training field and we all know what he achieved as a player. He should be a prime example for Sanchez to follow and hopefully he gets his confidence back again.”