Former Manchester United Striker Louis Saha Reveals Reasons Why Lukaku Couldn’t Blossom At United

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Former Louis Saha has shared his thoughts on Romelu Lukaku’s departure and reasons why it just didn’t work out for the Belgian forward at United.

He said:

“Lukaku hasn’t been able to fulfil his potential at Utd and I think it’s down to his self-motivation and confidence. He should be a defenders nightmare, he’s blessed with both strength and pace which is rare.

“He should be able to hold the ball and bring other players in to the game, but he doesn’t use his strength to his advantage.

“He has been a little unlucky, as he’s not the type of player that can create a goal by himself, he needs service. Utd have struggled to get the best service in to the area since he’s been there and it means he can’t do what he’s best at – getting on the end of crosses and through balls.

“Again, the issues start from the back. As the defence has been a little shaky, the midfielders aren’t able to push up the pitch as much as they would like which starves the service to the players at the top.”