Rashford Convinced Manchester United Are On The Right Path

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Marcus Rashford revealed that Manchester United are gradually on the right path to getting back to the great force they once were. The striker is pleased with the clubs current structure.

He said: “You learn different things under different managers. The time under Van Gaal, it was perfect for me at that time to have a manager like that, he was patient with me and gave me time to learn the game. It wasn’t too much information thrown at me.

“It’s been good. It’s been tough, but as a team I feel we’ve taken a lot of strides forward, so it’s been worth it.

“I’d say the intensity change, from how we were towards the end of last season, to where we are now. It’s so clear to see the difference in terms of intensity, especially without the ball. That’s where we’ve taken a lot of strides forward.

“It definitely feels different. For starters, physically we’re at a much better position than we were this time last year, going into the season. We’re already three or four steps ahead of where we were last season, and now it’s about putting the fundamentals down about how we’re going to play.”