Inter To Throw A Spanner In The Works In Lukaku-Dybala Swap Deal For These Reasons

Photo: Getty Images

Reports have revealed that Italian side, Inter Milan are ready to throw a spanner in the works with regards to the Lukaku-Dybala swap deal between United and Juventus.

Inter are keen to sign Manchester United striker Lukaku, but couldn’t meet the club’s valuation of the player, and so Juventus have swopped in to seal a deal. But Inter are ready to crash the deal and here are their reasons.

Here are the words of the reporter:

“Inter under Conte, they were looking to have Romelu Lukaku and Edin Dzeko from Roma,” Hall told Love Sport Radio.

“Both of them because they can hold the ball up and fit perfectly into that system.

“Now that Juventus have gone for Lukaku, it almost puts Juventus and Inter at war in the transfer market.

“Meaning that not only that Inter cannot offload Icardi at the moment, but also they lose out on Lukaku.

“So it’s a huge blow for Conte, massive blow.

“The only other option they have at the moment, they’re still going to try to go for Dzeko and up their bid, but they’re looking at Edinson Cavani.

“But this is the point – Edinson Cavani 32 years old, Edin Dzeko 33 years old.

“So a combined age of 55 years between them and they’re looking at an outlay of something like €75m for the two of them.

“So Inter are in a really sticky situation at the moment.

“So they will really be hoping at this moment in time that Dybala actually turns down this move so they can go back in for Lukaku.”