Former Manchester United Striker Hasn’t Been Impressed With Lukaku’s Performances Since Joining Manchester United

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Former Manchester United striker Teddy Sheringham has slammed striker Romelu Lukaku for not being able to give his best at the club.

He said:

“When you play for Everton, you get a lot of space in behind defenders where you can run into,” Sheringham told talkSPORT.

“When you play for Manchester United, a lot of teams come to Old Trafford, sit in and say, ‘Come and beat us’.

“So all of his attributes – his size, strength and speed – he can’t use them for Manchester United. You have to be a certain type of player to get the ball into feet and play, making little dinky runs rather than big powerful runs.

“I don’t think the Manchester United fans have seen the best of him.”