Former Manchester United Star Excited By United’s Playing Style Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Photo: PA

Former Manchester United Bastian Schweinsteiger has expressed his excitement about the club’s new expansive playing style. The midfielder who joined the club during Louis Van Gaal’s reign is glad the team is been rebuilt.

Here are his words:

“I’m glad they have re-started their team and the way they play,” Schweinsteiger said. “It’s about time because United is a huge club with amazing supporters and they have players in the squad who can really be dangerous.

“They should play a nice way of football and I really hope that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer lets the team play to their abilities and as far as I can see, he has done a good job.

“I would really like to see them win [the Premier League]. They have fantastic players, you just need to use them.”