Pogba Was Never A Negative Influence, Jose Was – Insider Revelation

Photo: Getty Images

A former youth player of the club has quashed the popular narrative that Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba was a bad influence at the club during Jose Mourinho’s reign at the club. He emphatically said that everyone at the club loves the French man.

Here are his words:

The unknown former youth player told allaboutunited: “The narrative that Pogba is bad for the club is untrue, everyone at the club loves him.

“He will have a conversation with everyone, no matter who you are. Everyone has spoken to him, from the youth team to the cleaners.

“In training, he would always say ‘if you don’t know what to do, pass it to me even if I’m marked’. Nobody at the club would have a bad word to say about him. From the chefs to the coaches, the teachers at college and all the other staff.

“He’s the perfect person at the club. Everyone was always impressed with the effort he made on the United Foundation days.

“He would always go the extra mile rather than just turning up, and made an effort to make their day.”