United Defender Victor Lindelof Makes Shocking Revelation

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof has made a stunning revelation about his football life. The Swede who initially struggled to adapt in the Premier league has gradually established himself as Manchester United’s best centre-back and one of the team’s influential leaders.

The 25-year-old has revealed he started his football career as a N0.10 before switching to become a defender. Here are his exact words:

“I was a midfielder when I was young. I haven’t been a defender for long. I think maybe that’s why I am comfortable on the ball because I started as a No. 10, then a two-way midfielder, then a No. 6 and now I’m a defender. Maybe that’s why I like to have the ball and why I’m comfortable with it.

“I like to have the ball at my feet. I’m comfortable with it. That’s not a problem for me and I like to play football that way.

“When I was younger, I scored a lot of goals. I don’t score a lot of goals now. It was fun to play as a No. 10. I could do whatever I wanted.

“But I was young, maybe 13. It was fun. In my head sometimes I’m still a No. 10. I like to pass. I don’t have that instinct any more of shooting. Now I’d rather set up my teammates for a goal.”