Manchester United Fall Behind In Brands Ranking

Manchester United still remain one of the biggest brands not just in football, but across different sports. The Reds are still in Forbes’ top 10 by value. But recent reports have revealed that the club have lost four spots in the ranking and are now only fifth. The one-year change is -8%.

Spanish giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only football clubs ahead while the other two spots are for American sports.

Here’s the Top-10 ranking:

1. Dallas Cowboys (American football, $5b)

2. New York Yankees (baseball, $4.6b)

3. Real Madrid ($4.24b)

4. Barcelona ($4.02b)

5. New York Knicks (basketball, $4b)

6. Manchester United ($3.81b)

7. New England Patriots (American football, $3.8b)

8. Los Angeles Lakers (basketball, $3.7b)

9. Golden State Warriors (basketball, $3.5b)

10. Los Angeles Dodgers/New York Giants (baseball/American football $3.3b)

Another low point is the fact that the club are still saddled with a huge debt of £487m ($605,7m). With no Champions league football next season, the worst is feared.

Also, Forbes have this month published their annual rankings of world’s most valuable football clubs with United the highest ranked Premier League side. While the first two places are taken by the Spanish giants, Real Madrid & Barcelona, the rest of the list is dominated by Premier League clubs.

Manchester United have been placed 3rd in the rankings with an overall value of $3.808 billion, down 8 per cent from last year.