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Manchester United suffered a 1-0 defeat to Barcelona in the first leg of the quarterfinals Champions League on Wednesday night at Old Trafford.

Former Manchester United star Paul Ince wasn’t impressed with the performance of three Manchester United players.

“The big players didn’t even turn up for United last night,” Ince told Paddy Power News. “You’ve got to have a go at Barcelona, what are you scared for? They gave them far too much respect.

“On the night, you’re looking at the so-called big players like Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford and Romelu Lukaku to make something happen. You look at those to get the team going – and it didn’t materialise.

“Another off day for Pogba, which I didn’t expect considering how he’s been playing and Lukaku once again looked incapable of scoring a goal. He spent most of his time out on the wing, he just needs to play between the two goal posts. What use is Lukaku out on the wing? It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Ince also lamented the fact that United failed to have a shot on target at Old Trafford.

“They never had a go at Barcelona or tried to, in such a massive game where the fans are up for it. It’s a sad sight that at Old Trafford, in the Champions League, United aren’t having a shot on target,” Ince added.

“That Barcelona team were probably expecting a different performance from United. They’d have been expecting that resurgent Ole side who come at you from the off, that get in your faces, but that didn’t materialise.”

Meanwhile, Rio Ferdinand believes Manchester United man of the match Scott McTominay has proven to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that he can be trusted.

Ferdinand told BT Sport: “He grew into the game. He’s grown in stature. Today, his energy, his intensity… he was the catalyst for a lot of good things that happened.

“There are sometimes performances that make you grow in stature and make you feel part of the first-team.

“He’s added to his name. He was very, very good. He was positive, he was reliable, he was aggressive. He’s proven to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer he can be trusted, which is vital for a young player.”