Photo: Reuters

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku scored twice as United beat Crystal Palace 3-1 on Wednesday night at Selhurst Park.

The goals against Crystal Palace were Lukaku’s first since early January after he seized a rare chance to shine at centre forward under Solskjaer because Marcus Rashford was only fit enough to start on the bench.

Despite being restricted under Solskjaer, Lukaku admits he likes the Norwegian and is learning a lot under him.

“I like him,” said Lukaku. “He’s really open, really honest in his communication, and keeps me hungry.

“If you look at my career I’ve always had good strikers helping me, so now I’m here with Ole I’m learning a lot, and every day is another day to learn, another day to improve and that’s how I see it.”

Lukaku also admitted he was happy with his performance against Crystal Palace.

“I just wanted to score, I’m a striker so I want to score goals,” said Lukaku. “So I did what I had to do, but in the other goal I was involved in the build-up, and I created a couple of chances against Liverpool, so I knew it was coming. I’m happy that I helped the team.

“Football’s not an individual sport, everybody tries to help. If you let your individual performances be more important than the team performance you’ll not help the team. So for me it was all about doing my stuff for the team, so I’m happy I could help them win.

“’I’m happy with my goals, happy with my performance, but I’m happy with the win. It was really important for us if you look at the other teams’ results. We did what we had to do and now we have to keep going.”

When asked about the secret to United’s change in form under Solskjaer, Lukaku added: “Desire; the desire to improve and win games.

“It’s always, “next game, next game”. We don’t want to be like a couple of teams talking about things and not achieving; we want to do it game after game.

“It was time for other players to step up, which we did, and we won the game and now we have to move forward to the next game, hopefully keep the same level.

“Win games along the way, and when the injured players come back, that they help us to get where we want to get.”