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In a fair judgment, Manchester United looked weak and without depth under Jose Mourinho. The team looked like a side bereft of firepower, confidence and desire. Fast-forward to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign, it’s been six wins out of six, and besides the results it’s obvious that a lot has changed in this team.

United have scored 17 goals during those six matches and Paul Pogba who was an outcast in Mourinho’s team has been the engine room in midfield, while Marcus Rashford who couldn’t play as a striker under Mourinho is on fire upfront.

What might have changed in this United side, given that it’s the same set of players?

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has revealed that besides instilling confidence in the team by reminding them of their qualities, Solskjaer spotted the weakness in the flanks as United full-backs were just too deep under the former manager.

Giggs has revealed that those little tweaks have made Manchester United firing again on all cylinders.

“Well, reminding the players how good they are,” said Giggs, when asked what Solskjaer has changed.

“It’s little tweaks. It’s like you see with golfers. Just a little tweak to the game that someone else on the outside might have seen. Ole’s been to a few games before he took over.

“I was at a game next to him, and he was pointing out to me, ‘Look at the full-backs, they’re not high enough’.

“Things that we were used to, things that you associate with Man United teams. ‘OK you score two, we’ll score three’ and I think he’s brought, he’s instilled that back into them that we need to score goals, we need to attack and if we’re all higher up the pitch then it just poses the opposition that question.

“All of a sudden teams are going from, ‘Right it’s Man United, we’ve got a chance today’ to actually, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll be defending, we’ll be deeper’.

“With the front players that United have got, not only the starting players but the ones coming off the bench, you’ve seen Sanchez, you’ve seen Lukaku now having an impact. It rivals any team within the Premier League the firepower that United have got.”

United’s latest win – a 1-0 victory over Tottenham away from home has answered critics who think that United haven’t played any top side yet under Solskjaer.