Liverpool remain the only team that are yet to lose a single game in the Premier League this season.

Jurgen Klopp’s side were top of the table heading into the weekend, before Manchester City returned to the top after defeating Everton 3-1 at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday.

Liverpool will play host to United at Anfield on Sunday, and the Anfield outfit are the favourites heading into this clash.

However, United boss Jose Mourinho having hailed Liverpool’s qualities have admitted that they’d also be worried of Manchester United’s strength heading into the game.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference, Mourinho said: “They [Liverpool] have this feeling that I also had when my teams were top of the league.

“It looks like everything goes in your direction, so I think they’re obviously very, very confident, but I think they are not stupid. I think they also know that the match they have is difficult.”

“They also know that we have our weaknesses and our strengths, and I think they will respect our strengths,” he added. “I think they know that the game is very difficult for them.

”They know that they need every point if they want to be champions, so I think they are professionals. I think they are professionals and being professionals is respecting Manchester United. They know that we can go there and win.”