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Manchester United have struggled to reach their best form this season as Jose Mourinho’s men have struggled to win games.

Former Arsenal star Emmanuel Petit has attacked the quality of the squad, and he believes that certain players like Nemanja Matic, Ashley Young and Chris Smalling are playing below par.

Petit particularly slammed Matic and admitted that the former Chelsea midfielder has been poor this season compared to last season and when he was at Chelsea.

Asked if United’s players are letting their manager down, Petit told RMC Sport: “I don’t know but I know that Mourinho is doing his best.

“That’s not enough, but I think that a lot of players in his team should really look in the mirror. Matic first, is it his brother that signed for United from Chelsea? Except for the last season where he did good he is light years from what he is capable of.

“He’s not the only one, there’s Ashley Young and that’s without even talking about the central defence. What are they doing at Manchester United? ‘I’m tired of Smalling. You know me, I’m not someone who hammers players so easily. But for him, I’ve been asking myself for years. These players are not good enough to play in a club as big as Manchester United and that has been going on for years.

“The game against Bournemouth after 30 minutes I was ashamed for the United players. I was ashamed for this mythical club, I was ashamed for its history, I was ashamed for Mourinho, I was ashamed for his staff, I thought to myself, but what is this a team of good for nothings.

“Guys who don’t give it their all who watch each other play. No inspiration. Honestly, it was shameful when you represent a club like that. It was shameful, I’ve never seen United so bad for thirty minutes, under Mourinho’s command.”