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Jose Mourinho believes Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford needs less pressure to help him reach his full potential.

According to Mourinho, expectations of Marcus Rashford have soared to unreasonable levels.

Rashford has scored just once for Manchester United this season and Mourinho believes he is struggling for form due to too much pressure being heaped on him.

Mourinho also insisted the 21-year-old is being given every chance to reach his full potential.

“I think he’s having fantastic conditions to develop,” Mourinho said.

“He’s still developing but he has fantastic conditions.

“Since Mr Van Gaal brought him to the team, then I come and he played with me a lot, played in the national team with Sam and then with Gary [Gareth Southgate], playing the World Cup, playing the Europa League final, playing two FA Cup finals.

“He’s having incredible opportunities to develop, which I think is what he’s doing.

“I think the pressure is probably too high. He just turned 21. How many players at 21 had more game time in a big club, for a big country and national team? How many players are getting this kind of opportunities to develop their potential? Not many.

“From my point of view, a little pressure will help him to achieve what he can achieve.”