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Despite beating Bournemouth 2-1 at the Vitality Stadium on Saturday, Manchester United had a very poor first-half.

Manchester United were much better in the second half and Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has now revealed what he told the players at half-time.

“I started off positive. I said it is impossible to play worse than we did so the second half will be better for sure,” Mourinho said.

“I was happy bringing Ander Herrera into the game.

“I felt we needed him to give more balance and to recover the ball faster. I was happy with that change. It was much better.”

One player that helped improve Manchester United in the second half is Ander Herrera, who replaced Fred early in the second half.

Mourinho reserved special praise for the midfielder after his performance against Bournemouth.

“I think the impact was Ander Herrera. I think was the impact in the team,” Mourinho added.

“Was the one that changed the game by giving the team, the balance, the intensity, the high pressure, the organisation that the team didn’t have until then I think he was fundamental for us.

“He’s a player of balance, he’s not an incredible creator, he’s not an incredible goalscorer, he has a little bit of everything but I think he’s a player of balance, knowledge, his tactical knowledge is big, he understands what I want, what the team needs.

“And today, in theory, you say ‘Come on, 1-1, you bring Herrera’. I bring Herrera. But then Ashley Young and Luke Shaw start attacking more, Paul gets much more freedom, the team recover balls higher and then we become more offensive in the period after Ander. So I think he was really good for us.”