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Our next Premier League game is away at Bournemouth on Saturday.

The Cherries are unbeaten in their last six games in all competitions and are placed sixth in the Premier League.

Bournemouth’s start to the season has surprised many but Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho insists he isn’t surprised the Bournemouth’s start to the season.

Asked if he is surprised with the start Bournemouth have made, Mourinho replied: “Not really.

“You know their story is a story that doesn’t surprise really because after the promotion was the season of be a Premier League team and stay as a Premier League team.

“And then stability and now they want more stability and they are fighting for this Europa League positions just below the top four target.

“That is a very very difficult target for anyone but fantastic work great stability same manager players basically, clinical, scouting work, clinical decisions about who to buy and when to buy so I wouldn’t say big surprise for me.”

Mourinho also revealed the mood is fine ahead of Saturday’s clash against Bournemouth.

“The mood is fine,” Mourinho said.

“Our last couple of weeks was positive.

“Let’s say second half against Newcastle then the match against Chelsea against Juventus was really hard and the team fought hard, so was not apart from the result, a negative performance and then another positive in some moments, v positive game against Everton,

“The mood is positive, is fine.”