Romelu Lukaku’s performance against Juventus was widely criticised as the Belgian has now gone eight games for Manchester United without a goal.

Lukaku barely registered a shot against the Italians, and his performance has called for measures to be taken against to boost his performance.

Arsenal great Charlie Nicholas criticised Lukaku’s movement and says United are ‘further away’ from the top clubs than the manager thinks.

He told Sky Sports: “I couldn’t believe what I was watching [against Juventus]. It was an attack-minded team at Chelsea and he stuck with the same team against Juventus so I thought, ‘Manchester United are going to have a go again’.

“But Lukaku looks as if he can’t move – he looks as if he doesn’t know where he’s running to, he doesn’t know when the service is coming – and I just thought they were so timid about everything they did.

Nicholas added: “Lukaku’s a unit but he’s cumbersome and the service is not coming quickly enough.

“He’s strong enough to hold the ball up and link up play but nobody runs beyond him – occasionally Marcus Rashford.

“If I was Mourinho – and I’m not, it’s only my opinion – if you’re going to keep him in the team, I’d put Rashford as the No 9 and let him play slightly right – or you leave him on the bench. They need movement.”