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Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbetov has blamed Romelu Lukaku’s goal drought on the Belgian overcomplicating things up front.

Lukaku has now gone eight games in a row without finding the back of the net.

Berbatov refused to criticise Lukaku because he believes a goal drought can happen to any striker.

“There has been a lot of criticism for Romelu Lukaku since the game but you’ll never catch me having a go at a fellow striker,” Berbatov told Betfair. “I know how difficult it is.

“I remember when I was on a bad run at United when I hadn’t scored for seven or eight games, but then scored five in one game! It happens to everyone.

“I know he’s not scored for eight games, but I don’t think the criticism of Lukaku is fair.

“As Jose Mourinho said, he’s working very hard for the team, but this might actually be working against the striker.

“He wants to impress so badly that he is doing too much, and not doing the simple things like getting into the box.

“He is probably overcomplicating things; you don’t want to see him popping up at left-back as he did on Tuesday.”