Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has challenged the board to sign the best players if they want Manchester United to reach the level of Juventus.

Juve claimed a 1-0 Champions League victory at Old Trafford on Tuesday night through Paulo Dybala’s first-half strike.

Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonardo Bonucci during the summer transfer window.

When asked how far off United were from Juve’s level, Mourinho replied: “A bit far.

“Juventus is champions for seven years, I think seven years in a row, two Champions League finals in the last four or five years and not happy with what they have, they want more, they want more.

“They had Higuain, Mandzukic, Dybala, they want more. They want Ronaldo. They had Barzagli, Chiellini, Rugani, they are not happy, they want more, they want Bonucci. And they go for the best players in the world.

“So big, big club with a big past but with also a big desire to have a big future and everything they put there to try to win, I don’t say the Champions League, I think to win the treble, that’s what they want. Because normally they win at home. But the treble until now, unfortunately for these fellows on the other side, is our [Internazionale’s] treble, yet I think they are really close to it.

“To go to the Juventus level? Barcelona level? Real Madrid level? How can you reach that level?” Mourinho added to a follow-up question. “Manchester City level? How can you reach this level?

“Yes [with the best players]. Is not also easy. Because many of the players they belong to these top teams, so we work with what we have we try to improve with what we have. For example, today the way I say amazing Chiellini and amazing Bonucci, I have to say Chris and Victor had a very positive game.

“Is the first time Victor plays a game of this dimension, Victor had a positive game, Luke Shaw Champions League at this level of match, so good experience for some of the boys, Rashford, Martial, Lukaku, I think is second season he plays Champions League too. So we work, we work hard, we try to improve our players but quality is quality.

“And, again, I repeat quality in football is everywhere, when I say quality I don’t say just a creative player or just a beautiful player, Chiellini and Bonucci beautiful, absolutely beautiful. But my boys, so happy with what they did.”