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Manchester United suffered a 1-0 defeat to Juventus.

Juventus took the lead through Paulo Dybala in the 17th minute and held onto their lead to the end.

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho believes Manchester United failed to find a goal against Juventus because it’s difficult to score Juventus when they are in front.

Romelu Lukaku has struggled in front of goal this season with the Belgium international scoring four goals in eleven games for Manchester United. Mourinho defended Lukaku’s failure to threaten Juventus by admitting Juve’s defence is tough to break down.

“His moment is not sweet. Not just with the goals he is not scoring,” Mourinho said.

“He is not linking well with the team, but he is our striker. We believe in him.

“In the other side there was huge quality. Sometimes people look for Ronaldo or Dybala but in a top team you have to look to [Giorgio] Chiellini and [Leonardo] Bonucci.

“I think Juventus is this type of team that when they are in front its very difficult.

“I think our attacking players, things were not coming. But everyone tried, everyone was strong mentally to try until the end.

“Juventus felt it and they ended the game with an extra central defender to add to the amazing Chiellini and Bonucci.

“It was a really difficult match for us. I thought we could take something but it was not possible.”