Manchester United seemed to have upped their game in recent displays against Newcastle and Chelsea, and Romelu Lukaku has revealed that a lot is going on behind the scenes.

Lukaku admitted that the side were disappointed with the 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge – a game United should have won as we were the better side.

Lukaku has revealed that Jose Mourinho and his coaching staff have changed a lot behind the scene which is responsible for the team’s new form.

“We’re all disappointed because, in the second half, we were always on top in every aspect of the game – passing, going forward and creating chances,” he said.

“We showed what we can do against maybe the best team in the league at the minute. We have to improve to start games with the same intensity we did in [the second half of] this game.

“We’re really playing like in the training sessions and small games. This it how it goes every single day.

“We’re encouraged by the manager and the training staff – they’ve changed everything behind the scenes. It takes time to click but, now everything starts clicking, I think there are good times ahead.”

Ahead of the Champions League clash against Juventus on Tuesday, Mourinho has revealed that his team are now back in form following recent displays.

“United’s form was shown in the past two matches,” said Mourinho. “The way we want to play, the way we can play was shown in the past two matches. So let’s try to do it again.”