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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has admitted the criticism of the team in recent weeks hurts him and has had a detrimental effect on the team, particularly before the 3-2 victory over Newcastle United.

Former Manchester United players like Paul Scholes have criticised the team in recent weeks.

“I think the players in that weekend we didn’t sleep in the hotel, everyone stayed at his own house, and I think the players when they woke up in the morning, from what they read, because they read and follow social media, I think the pre-match was not easy for them,” Mourinho told Sky Sports.

“What I can do is tell them what I keep telling them: it is my problem, to cope with it, because I am the man and let them enjoy their football the way they did against Newcastle in the second half.

When asked if he was comfortable taking criticism for his squad, Mourinho added: “No, I’m not happy.

“Honestly I am not happy. But if somebody has to be the man, I’d prefer it to be myself than my players.

“Yes it bothers me, because I am a man like you are.”