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Former Wimbledon and Chelsea player Vinnie Jones has warned Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford to sharpen up in front of goal.

The 20-year-old striker struggled in front of goal during England’s goalless draw against Croatia last week.

While Jones admits Rashford is a great talent, he insists Rashford needs to score goals to be up there with the best.

“I am a massive fan of his, he’s a young lad and a great talent,” Jones told Alan Brazil on talkSPORT.

“When Rashford came on the scene I thought this kid is going to be the real deal, but he seems to have levelled out.

“You cannot keep missing like he’s missing, you’ve got to start putting the ball in the back of the onion bag.

“If you don’t score you do start getting a bit of stick, and players will start being irritated.

“There was a good win on the table there against Croatia, but he never took one of the chances.

“If I was a player I’d be getting wound up about that to be honest.

“In the Wimbledon and Chelsea squads, we would have started taking the micky by now.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting on his back, I’m a big fan of the lad.

“I’m just saying to be up there with the best you’ve got to score.

“If you want to be a young Wayne Rooney or a young David Beckham, you’ve got to score these goals.

“He’s had enough chances, how many chances to the top calibre strikers get?

“So he’s only 20 – so what? If you’re good enough you’re old enough!”