Photo: Reuters

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been hailed for turning a woeful evening into a brilliant comeback as Manchester Unite defeated Newcastle 3-2.

United conceded two goals in the first ten minutes against Newcastle but fought back to score three goals in the last twenty minutes of the game to complete an amazing comeback.

Despite the comeback, former Premier League midfielder Jermaine Jenas isn’t convinced Mourinho would still be manager by the end of the season.

“Jose Mourinho drew deeply on his vast experience on Saturday night to turn a woeful evening into a brilliant comeback,” Jenas told Daily Mail.

“But I left Old Trafford in the firm belief that, at best, he might have earned himself a reprieve as Manchester United’s manager. I have zero confidence it will last long and I don’t see him still being in his job all season.”

Mourinho substituted Scott McTominay at halftime and Marcus Rashford in the second half and he revealed after the game that McTominay was scared and Rashford was passive.

Jenas insists Mourinho’s comments about both players were unnecessary.

“Mourinho’s post-match comments that McTominay was scared and Marcus Rashford was passive were unnecessary,” Jenas added.

“They lacked class. They were destructive. Even Mourinho will surely reflect he made an error saying that.

“He seems to believe some of United’s troubles have come from leaks and whispers and briefing against him, whether from Pogba’s recent stance or an Instagram post or a story he was going to be sacked. These things destabilise.

“So for him to then destabilise his own dressing room by publicly admonishing his players and ripping their confidence apart – it’s another sign he’s not the right fit.”