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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is under huge pressure after a run of four games without a win including defeats against West Ham and Championship side Derby in the Carabao Cup.

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has urged Mourinho to concentrate on the players he has at Manchester United instead of complaining about what he hasn’t got.

Scholes insists the squad has good quality and admits he is sick of Mourinho moaning about what he hasn’t got at Manchester United.

Asked whether he backs Mourinho to continue as Manchester United boss, Scholes told BBC 5Live: “Yes I do.

“The only thing i didn’t like was… I’m sick of him moaning about what he hasn’t got when I think he really should be concentrating on what he has got.

“I think he’s got some really good quality in the squad who are really low on confidence. Now Jose over the years has been a really brilliant coach his record suggests that, he’s been one of the very best.

“Now I’d like to see him stay… it’s probably the biggest challenge of his career and show us what a good coach he is.”

Scholes’ comment about Mourinho is in contrast to the comment he made earlier this week about Mourinho.

Speaking before Manchester United’s Champions League goalless draw against Valencia, Scholes admitted he was surprised Mourinho was still boss despite the defeat at West Ham on Saturday.

“I am sat here actually surprised he survived after Saturday, the performance was that bad,” Scholes said on BT Sport.

“He’s constantly having a go at players. He’s having a go at those above him because he’s not getting what he wants. I think his mouth is probably out of control and I think he’s embarrassing the club.”