Photo: BPI/REX

Romelu Lukaku has had a decent start to the season, scoring four goals in nine appearances so far, but United have struggled to win games this season.

After Manchester United’s goalless draw against Valencia, United legends Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand accused Lukaku of being too static and urged him to have better movement.

“Lukaku is so easy to mark at the minute, he’s static,” Ferdinand told BT Sport.

“He needs to make defenders think, he needs to start moving in behind, making your defender change position and change eyeline.”

Scholes also agreed with Ferdinand and accused Lukaku of being static and thinks he’s easy to play against. Schools added: “I don’t think these players realise how much of a threat they can be. ‘Look at the size of him, how quick he is.

“As Rio said, he’s just so static, he’s easy to play against. We could have played centre-half against him tonight.

“When he’s up for it, running into channels, barging people out of the way, he can finish as well.

“They need to realise what their strengths are and go out on the pitch and perform.”

Lukaku could barely get a decent chance against Valencia and would be hoping to find the net in Saturday’s clash against Newcastle.