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Speaking before the goalless draw with Valencia, Manchester United legend Paul Scholes revealed he was surprised that Jose Mourinho was still United’s boss despite the 3-1 loss at West Ham.

“I’m surprised he survived after Saturday,” Scholes said.

“The performance was that bad. The attitude and performance were nowhere near.

“He’s coming out in press conference, he is constantly having a go at players, he’s having a go at people above him because he is not getting what he wants.

“I think his mouth is probably out of control and I think he’s embarrassing the club.”

United then played out a goalless draw with Valencia at Old Trafford, and some fans weren’t happy with the result and booed the team at the end of the game, while some sections were heard screaming “attack, attack, attack” during the game.

Mourinho refused to go into a war of words with Scholes for his criticisms and insisted that the former United midfielder has his freedom of speech.

Asked what he thought about criticism from Paul Scholes, Mourinho replied: “I don’t need to know what he said.

“He said what he wants to say, I’m not interested, honestly, I’m not interested.

“Freedom of speech, free country, you can say what you want.”