Photo: AFP

Jose Mourinho is under huge pressure following series of bad results and various reports claim Zinedine Zidane is being lined up to replace him.

Ahead of Manchester United’s Champions League clash with Valencia, Mourinho insists his job isn’t under threat.

Asked if his job was on the line, Mourinho said: “No, I don’t think [so].”

And when asked if his players cared enough about his position to back him by putting in improved performances, Mourinho added: “‘I think some care more than others.

“After 20 years in football, I’m still the kid that I was 20 years ago and I’m still naive, but I still don’t believe that a player is not honest.

“There were big players in the past and I ask these people with great reputations if, at any time in their careers, they went into a game not to give the maximum, not to help the club, not to make the fans happy and not to try his best.

“If somebody tells them ‘I was a football player and I didn’t give my best’, then I change my opinion. Until somebody who was a big professional player says he was a dishonest player, I will always believe the players.

“They do it, they don’t do it that’s a different story, but I repeat I am naive or I still believe the player is an honest man.’ Sometimes what it looks is exactly the opposite. You can be laughing and be the saddest person in the world and you can have a sad face and inside you are very happy.”

Mourinho refused to give a response when asked if he has spoken to United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward about his job.

“That’s a private matter,” Mourinho said.

“I’m not asking you who did you speak with this morning, who was your last phone call. That’s a private matter.”