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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is under huge pressure following United’s 3-1 loss at West Ham on Saturday.

Some reports claim the players want Mourinho sacked but Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic insists everyone at the club is giving his best.

“The manager is trying to turn this around,” said Matic. “He is trying to make the team stronger and ready for the next challenge. I can say that in the club everyone is giving his best to do better for the team.

“I don’t believe that any player goes onto the pitch not giving his best. We didn’t play well on Saturday but we gave our best in that moment.

“For me, I played one of the worst games since I signed for Man United. I look in the mirror and I want to see where I made mistakes and where I can do better. For sure, everyone does the same.

“Why we didn’t do well, for sure the manager is going to tell us. He is going to show us some videos where we made mistakes and where we can do better.

“This game was really bad but everyone has a responsibility for that. Everyone who started the game wants to do better for himself, and after that it’s better for the team.

“It’s always difficult when you lose the games and don’t collect the points, especially when you play in a big club that wants to win titles and trophies.

“It’s very hard but this is football, this is life. For sure, everyone wants to do better. We know that we didn’t play well the last couple of games. Everyone is trying to resolve this situation.”