Photo: Sky Sports

A lot has been said about Jose Mourinho’s relationship with Paul Pogba, and the rumours circulated recently after a clip showed the duo arguing on the training ground.

The media has been making much of this, and Mourinho has revealed that the press has turned a little incident into an incredible story.

Mourinho said: “You made a story – an incredible story – out of 15 minutes of training.

“Conversations with players I have many, many, many times. It was not the case but loud criticism, loud instruction, happens every day.

“Coaching is about that, but you make stories out of it, so I’m happy that the rules are only 15 minutes [of open training] once a month, and with situations like that it is not going to change.

“There is no chance I am going to open the training session and let you watch a training session. No chance.”

All these came up after Pogba took a slight dig at Mourinho’s tactics in the 1-1 draw against Wolves.

He said: “We are at home and we should play much better against Wolves. When we are at home we should attack, attack, attack. That’s Old Trafford. We are here to attack.

“I think teams are scared when they see Man United attacking and attacking. That was our mistake.

“Maybe the attitude should be better and we should play better because, again, we are at Old Trafford and we should just attack and press like we did against Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal last season. When we play like this it’s easier for us.”

Mourinho has now stripped Pogba of his role as Manchester United vice-captain.

“The only truth is that I made the decision of Pogba not to be the second-captain anymore,” Mourinho said.

“No fall out. The person who made the decision to be second-captain was also me. Just one decision which I don’t have to explain.”

Ahead of Saturday’s lunch-time kick-off against West Ham, Mourinho admitted that Pogba was the team’s best player in training.

He said: “And after weeks of analysing and changing opinions with my coaching staff we made the decision Paul is just a player and not a captain. Decision made.

“I informed the player and the players and when I was asked before the match on Tuesday I confirm and now I confirm and now end of the story.

“I can anticipate more questions by saying the relation of player manager is good, is not anymore a relation, captain or whether the captain’s manager, the relation is good, nobody trained better than Paul Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, nobody trained better than him, some trained as well, but nobody better. And tomorrow he plays, so end of the story.”