Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Reports earlier today suggested Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho told Paul Pogba he would no longer be Manchester United boss under his stewardship.

Mourinho reportedly made the decision after Pogba criticized his tactics following the 1-1 draw against Wolves last weekend.

Pogba said: “When we are at home we should attack, attack, attack. That’s Old Trafford. We are here to attack. I think teams are scared when they see Man United attacking and attacking. That was our mistake today.

“We were winning 1-0 so it was positive for us. Then we tried to defend a bit more against the counter-attack. We stopped playing forward like in the first half and we didn’t really put them in trouble.”

Mourinho insisted after the penalty loss to Derby at Old Trafford that he has had no fall-out with Pogba but admitted the France international will not longer be considered to captain the team.

“The only truth is that I made the decision of Pogba not to be the second-captain anymore,” Mourinho said.

“No fall out. The person who made the decision to be second-captain was also me. Just one decision which I don’t have to explain.”

Pogba was left out of the squad that lost to Derby with Mourinho insisting he rested Pogba.