Photo: AP

According to Paul Merson, Alexis Sanchez looks lost at Manchester United because the Red Devils don’t play free-flowing football under Jose Mourinho.

Sanchez has struggled to make an impact at Manchester United since joining in January with the Chilean international last finding the net for Manchester United against Tottenham in the FA Cup on April 21, more than six months ago and nine games ago.

Merson believes Arsenal’s free-flowing football allowed Sanchez to thrive at the Emirates but believes the Chilean has been restricted at Old Trafford by Jose Mourinho’s tactics.

“He looks a bit lost at the moment, but that could be confidence,” Merson told Sky Sports. “I can’t believe it’s nearly six months without a goal. For someone who is supposed to be that good, that’s a long time as a forward.

“He’s struggling at Manchester United. They don’t make as many chances as Arsenal. Arsenal are all-out attack but that’s not the way they play at Old Trafford. When Arsenal play, they just go gung-ho, that’s not the case at Manchester United.

“At United, there’s a structure and they say ‘let’s not get beat first and then go from there’. That’s why I think he’s finding it difficult. At Arsenal, it was free-flowing but it wasn’t successful, they didn’t win anything.”

Merson also believes Sanchez has struggled because there is more pressure playing for Manchester United than for Arsenal.

Merson added: “It’s the pressure. When he was at Arsenal, he was the top man. Everything went through him, plus he could try things at Arsenal. He could flick a ball here, flick a ball there and if it didn’t come off, you were playing next week. That is not the case at Old Trafford.

“With Jose Mourinho, we saw what he was at Chelsea with Eden Hazard, if you are not getting back and following the full-back back, you’re off and you’re not playing next week. That didn’t happen at Arsenal.”